The Serious Effects of Gambling

Gambling can affect how a person feels, regardless of whether they’re winning or
losing. Some people experience feelings of anxiety or depression and in some cases,
they may even have suicidal thoughts and tendencies sportsbook Malaysia. This can affect their family,
friends, work performance and health. This article looks at some of the most serious
effects gambling can have and explains what to look out for.

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Anxiety disorders like generalized anxiety disorder often cause a person to gamble
as a way of self-medicating online betting agent Malaysia. However, this relief is often short-lived and the person
will soon find themselves back in their anxious state again. This is why it’s important
to seek psychiatric help when a person experiences severe anxiety symptoms.

A problem with gambling can also lead to financial disaster, which can have a long-
term impact on a person’s life. It’s not uncommon for individuals with a gambling

problem to be in debt or have significant bank overdrawn accounts. In addition, they
may have to ask friends and family to lend them money and rely on credit cards.
These situations can cause lasting damage to relationships.
It is not unusual for a person to begin gambling in response to a specific life stressor,
such as relationship problems, financial difficulties or a traumatic event. Once
they’ve discovered that they can temporarily relieve their stress by gambling, they
may start to gamble more frequently to try and escape their problems or avoid
dealing with them altogether.

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Studies have shown that pathological gambling affects similar parts of the brain as
drug abuse and addiction, affecting levels of dopamine, serotonin and
norepinephrine and the GABA neurotransmitters. These changes can affect mood
and cravings. There is also a link between the severity of a gambling disorder and
the amount of money that a person loses. In some cases, it can even cause a person
to engage in illegal activities in order to fund their gambling habit.
Research has found that comorbid conditions, such as depression, can increase a
person’s vulnerability to developing a gambling disorder. It’s not known why a
person who suffers from a mental health condition would develop a gambling
problem, but it could be down to genetic or environmental vulnerabilities.
Gambling is a high-stress activity that can increase stress levels and trigger a range
of symptoms, including headaches, stomach aches, depression, and anxiety. It can
also cause a change in sleeping patterns, weight loss or gain and acne. People who
are concerned about their gambling habits should speak to their GP, who can refer
them for specialist support.
If you have any concerns about your own or someone else’s gambling, the
Samaritans is here to listen for free on 0808 8020 133. You can also contact them
via their live chat. You can find more information on their website. You can also
download the free app for your smartphone.

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