Muscat Pharmacy has the unique distinction to be the first Pharmacy, in Oman, to be certified to the ISO 9002:1994 standard. This was in September 1999. The scope of the certification covers all processes. Therefore, the Quality Management System extends to all the Head Office departments, Warehouses, Retail shops numbering (69), Depots (2) and the (10) Engineering Service centres.

With revision of the standards to ISO 9001:2000, the company again retained the distinction to be the first Pharmacy to upgrade in Oman. This was in April 2003. Later it upgraded its certification to the ISO 9001:2008 Standards in October 2010.

The success of any organization depends on its ability to understand and satisfy the current and future needs of the present and potential customers. The efforts taken in documenting the processes has helped the Company to identify its strengths and weaknesses. This has helped in the evolution of procedures. They seamlessly bind various processes together. A documented system provides a basis for continual improvement. Internal Auditors, picked up from the core business functions contribute effectively to strengthen the system.

Muscat Pharmacy strongly believes that formal ISO certification is not an end in itself. Suggestion forms are freely available in all branches and offices. Suggestions / feedbacks received externally or internally are actioned promptly.

Bureau Veritas ( certified the Company's Quality Management System. They regularly conduct Surveillance audits.